Geoff Wood
For the past forty years, Geoff Wood developed and produced many successful commercial and residential real estate projects in the San Francisco Bay Area by creating well-designed, marketable projects that were attractive to users. Once users became interested in the space, investors and lenders followed.

During this period, he won local and national design awards, and awards for historical preservation (LEED today), for both new and renovated projects.

Geoff has always been focused on marketing strategy and how a message is received and understood by the reader.  He has noticed that potential customers click to find answers. No information – No Clicks.  No Clicks – No Sale.  Success often follows once the buyer feels that his needs will be served by this service provider or company.  This happens when the market of buyers out there starts connecting with the client company’s attitude and story – site personality may be important.

In the past we have helped companies get their message across to the architectural and construction industry. Helped builders and architects better understand the needs of city planners and commissions. Today, we are interested in the political messages coming out of Washington, DC and our State Capitals.  We think that there is a lot of confusion, lack of economic understanding, and needless animosity towards our capitalist system and the leaders who have taken the risk to build it into the greatest society on the planet.  Many of the blogs are focused on these issues.